Ottawa’s school boards release back-to-school plan

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• As it stands, the school board believes that students engaged in remote learning will be able to connect with students from their own school. However, if the number of students participating in online learning is very high, the board may create “virtual classrooms” with students from around the district who will be assigned their own teachers.

• Class sizes have become a contentious matter as parents debate whether or not to return their children to in-person schooling. The board says the majority of elementary classes are below 30 students.

The average kindergarten class size is 25 with a maximum class size of 29 students; wherever possible the class may be divided into two groups. In Grades 1, 2 and 3, the average class size is 19, with 90 per cent of classes having 20 or fewer students and 10 per cent of classes having up to 23 students. In Grades 4, 5, and 6, the average class size is 24.5; there is no maximum class size, but most are below 30. In Grades 7 and 8, the average class size is 24.5. There is no maximum class size, but most classes are below 30.

• Although the official first day of school is Sep. 3, the start of the school year will be staggered. More information is to come.

• The school board is working on a transportation plan with details to be released this week. An expanded partnership with OC Transpo may be required to meet the requirements of the altered release time for students.

Ottawa Catholic School Board

• Staff are encouraged to take advantage of outdoor space where possible, but students are still required to maintain a two-metre distance when outdoors.

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