Melbourne stage 4 restrictions and coronavirus lockdown rules explained | Victoria

Stage 4 restrictions are being introduced across metropolitan Melbourne from Sunday evening for six weeks until September 13.

Here’s what you need to know

Shopping will now only be allowed within 5km of your home or at the nearest available supermarket. One person per household can shop once daily.

Exercise is also limited to within 5km of your home. It can only be done with one other person and is limited to one hour each day.

A curfew will be in place from 8pm until 5am each night. Exceptions are in place for work or medical or caregiving.

Schools, including years 11 and 12, will go back to remote learning across the entire state from Wednesday. Exceptions are in place for vulnerable children and children of permitted workers. Childcare and kinder will also be closed from Thursday.

Community sport is closed. Recreation activities such as fishing, boating, tennis and surfing are not allowed. Swimming pools, play centres and playgrounds are all closed.

Weddings won’t be permitted from Thursday. Religious ceremonies and private worship will be broadcast only and limited to five people. Funerals will be limited to 10 people.

Stage 3 restrictions will be introduced to regional Victoria and remain in place for Mitchell shire

You should stay at home except for these four reasons to leave the house: shopping for food and essential items, care and caregiving, daily exercise, work and study. But if you can work or study from home, you must. Employers must support you to work from home.

Caregiving includes managing shared custody arrangements, using a babysitter, leaving home to care for animals housed elsewhere, visiting someone in an aged care home, and visiting someone in hospital. Specific directions apply.

You can leave your house if you are at risk of family violence or to apply for an intervention order and to attend court or a police station.

You can also leave your house to access medical services. This time around, that explicitly includes leaving your house to give blood. Access to medical services is unrestricted: you can access them anywhere in Victoria.

Further details about stage 3 restrictions can be found here.

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