Victoria records COVID-19 spike with 66 new cases, Green Point Christian College closes, Australia death toll at 104

Premier Daniel Andrews said there was a three-step process in deciding whether more postcodes will be locked down.

“The first step is to identify, this is all off data, to identify priority local government areas with more than twice the state case rate, then secondly, to review all postcodes within that local government area and then thirdly, to identify priority suburbs with more than five cases, and a rate greater than 20 per 100,000,” he said.

Mr Andrews said this weekend the government would be analysing whether further postcodes will be given stay at home directives.

“Now, I can’t for a moment guarantee that formula wouldn’t at some point in the future change. I have to try to be as upfront as I can and saying they cannot rule out other suburbs being shut down, I certainly can’t rule out other postcodes on that formula being pulled into this,” he said.

“Ultimately, if you got unsustainably high case numbers in a given geographical area, then that’s not a matter of running commentary on that postcode or the people who live and work there, it is nothing like that at all, it is simply a statement of fact that you have got a problem and you need to take really significant action to pull this up.”

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