Contrite thief breaks back into van five months later to return items

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Nardelli said he thinks the woman who returned his documents to his door might have been related to the thief, perhaps his mother.

“I got the impression maybe it may have been a young kid who did something stupid,” he said. “Maybe his mother saw something and told him to bring it back. The thief had a conscience, but he also risked doing the deed again by going into the car.

“Still, I’m kind of in disbelief. This doesn’t happen every day.”

Although he tries not to leave anything of value in his car any longer — and certainly not in sight — Nardelli hasn’t changed his habits, continuing to park on the street. Nor has his faith in humanity been altered.

“I taught all kinds of kids … the good, the bad and everybody else,” he said. “I know kids are kids, people are people. They grow up and hopefully they become better.”

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