Victorians from coronavirus hotspots banned from NSW or face $11,000 fine

“We’re sorry, that’s not something we want to do, but we must do for our own safety,” he said.

“Do not leave the hotspot because one, you’ll be branching Victorian models, but two, if you come to NSW, you will also be as soon as you set foot in NSW you’ll be exposed to the possibility of six months jail or an $11,000 fine.”

The Health Minister warned anyone from NSW who travels to the Victorian hotspots would also be liable for the same penalties.

“If you choose to go there when you really shouldn’t be going there, and you come back to NSW, you’ll be required to go into isolation here for 14 days,” Mr Hazzard said.

“And if you breach that order, you’ll be liable to a penalty … it could be an $11,000 fine, or a six month jail sentence.”

Mr Hazzard said the NSW Health order banning Victorian hotspot travellers was 90 per cent complete, and he would sign the order later on Wednesday.


“I expect that our orders will become operative from midnight tonight,” he said.

Mr Hazzard stressed that people in NSW – and particularly younger people – should continue to take the pandemic seriously.

“I am concerned that young people particularly think that they are invincible and immortal,” he said.

“Well, no. You’re very mortal, and we have had people as young as 17 across the world who have passed away … so you need to take it seriously.”

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