Andrews will ‘regret an awful lot from Victoria’s hotel quarantine fiasco’

Andrews will 'regret an awful lot from Victoria's hotel quarantine fiasco'

Liberal Senator Jane Hume says she expects Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews will “regret an awful lot of decisions around this hotel quarantine situation”.

The state’s hotel quarantine has been blamed for the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in the state after it was revealed more than 50 cases could be linked back to the system.

After Premier Andrews previously rejected military assistance, Senator Hume said “I’m very pleased that he has now finally accepted, asked for the assistance of the federal government”.

“Obviously those offers have been on the table for some time and have been inexplicably ignored,” she said.

Senator Hume described Victoria’s hotel quarantine failures as “our Ruby Princess moment”, in reference to the fiasco which saw hundreds of cruise ship passengers allowed into NSW without being tested for the virus.

The Victorian-based Senator called for an inquiry into the hotel quarantine system, saying authorities needed to “get to the bottom of it” in order to prevent it from happening again.

Image: News Corp Australia

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