Visiting humpback whale seen off Pointe-aux-Trembles

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The humpback whale that arrived in Montreal on May 30 from the Quebec City region was seen off Pointe-aux-Trembles on Sunday at midday, after not being sighted all morning.

Observers were not sure which way the animal was heading.

On Saturday the wandering whale was seen swimming on the south shore of Île Ste-Hélène, in the Le Moyne Channel. Observers from the Quebec Marine Mammal Emergency Response Network were on shore monitoring the animal’s behaviour.

It turns out that photos taken of a humpback whale in Charlevoix, on May 24, two days before the animal was sighted in Quebec City, were of the same whale currently swimming in Montreal in what is believed to the first visit by a whale to waters near Montreal.

Anyone who sees the whale from shore or on the water is asked to call the Marine Mammal Emergency Hotline at 1-877-722-5346 without delay.

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