Taranaki tradies working hard to meet demand

Owner of Hymark Central Motors Shaun Bloemen says they have been rushed off their feet since reopening.

Simon O’Connor/Stuff

Owner of Hymark Central Motors Shaun Bloemen says they have been rushed off their feet since reopening.

Mechanic Shaun Bloemen has been so busy in the last couple of weeks, he has been struggling to keep up with the demand.

”We’ve gone from famine to feast. It’s nuts. Cash sales wise it’s been a record month.”

After weeks of no income, builders and tradies are enjoying being back at work, while realising things may get harder down the track.

Bloemen, owner of Hymark Central in New Plymouth, said overall sales were down because they had a month with no work, but day to day cash sales in level 2 were huge.

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”At the moment we’re struggling to keep up, so definitely busy, busy, busy. I think most people in our game are,” he said.

”We need it. I thought we might be slow for a while, but thank our lucky stars we’re not. It’s been really good.”

He’s doing a lot of warrant of fitness, a lot of tyres, and servicing, but also ”non-essential stuff” like people wanting a new exhaust system for their car or an upgrade in certain areas, he said.

Hofmans Builders owner Steve Hofmans said they were also busy.

”I guess with builders and tradies there’s been a pause and then get back into it. I don’t think there’s too many people around who aren’t busy.

“But who knows what the true effect will be in six months, 12 months?’ It could be cranking still, who knows?”

It’s wait and see, he said.

”But at the moment things are pretty positive. I think people have made decisions over [lockdown] as well, interest rates are low.”

Hofmans works in the new home market and his company has a year of work ahead of them, with some good sized projects.

”As far as I know all our tradies and subbies are all full noise. It’s good for the short term and that’s all we can look at, at the moment.”

All’s Well Plumbing owner Eugene Maritz said he was really busy.

”I’m on the run all the time.”

He was mostly working on maintenance and services, he said.

”There’s always something going wrong with a tap or a drain or something like that. It keeps me busy.”

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