Class-action lawsuit sought against CHSLD in Laval

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Instead of being isolated, the two employees continued to work that week and circulated “room to room” in the CHSLD’s Unit E-C, which is where patients with Alzheimer’s disease reside. Four days later, a patient in Unit E-C was diagnosed with COVID-19. The lawsuit alleges the CHSLD failed to apply the government-ordered protocol and did not isolate employees who made contact with the first patient who tested positive, and did not supply protective equipment to staff.

On March 29, the two employees who had expressed concerns they were experiencing COVID-19 symptoms tested positive.

By April 6, the CHSLD Ste-Dorothée reported 107 confirmed cases among its residents, including eight deaths, and 50 cases among its staff. That same day, an inspector from Quebec’s work safety board, CNESST, intervened on behalf of the unions representing staff at the CHSLD. Six days later, the inspector filed a report alleging employees with COVID-19 symptoms continued to work and that personnel carried out “risky interventions” without protective equipment.

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