African women more responsive to egg donation to tackle fertility problems

A SA egg donation agency says more African women are opening up to egg donation to tackle fertility problems.

Nurture’s marketing manager Natasha Hardy said the agency had lot of African donors.

“We get questioned a lot about culture and the spiritual side of things as well, but what we feel is that the essence of every culture and every religion is the concept of hope and family,” she said.

“Egg donation is one of the most beautiful ways to give hope to people and create families. So when you take away the stigmas and societal things which are talked about, when you get down to the essence of it, it’s about hope and family and most people can relate to that.”

She said that donors were doing amazing work for families that were looking for children.

Hardy said although there were cultural beliefs causing barriers for most African women when donating their eggs, more of them were donating.

Another benefit to donating was understanding their bodies in terms of their health. “One of the good things about being a donor is that you become more aware of your own genetic history and it helps you make good decisions going forward.

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